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Hello. Are you looking to learn what affiliate marketing does? Is there any affiliate marketing agency in Vietnam that does this? Let’s NCA agency to find out!

What is Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing only on efficiency. In which the enterprise (ie the advertiser ) only pay commissions to partners in the network marketing affiliate ( publisher ) . When orders or transfer successful change.

In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing as well as the Affiliate model is often found in online stores today. In it, the shop owner (or business, supplier) is called an Advertiser: The collaborators are called Publishers, whose task is to find customers to buy and receive a commission for each successful customer.

In the traditional model, there are often many inadequacies. The shop owner (Advertiser) has to recruit and guide each collaborator (Publisher). At the same time. The success of goods management and order tracking is also a big issue, affecting the interests of both parties. Therefore, Affiliate Network is an important intermediary bridge, providing thousands of Publishers for shop owners (businesses) at the same time. Collaborative Publishers also have a variety of products to choose from. At the same time, it also provides a transparent and fast order management table, ensuring the interests of all parties.

Affiliate Marketing Agency in Vietnam


Affiliate marketing has only appeared in Vietnam a few years ago. So there are not many agents that execute this program. Realizing the needs of our clients. We have cooperated with some rentanks, KOCs, KOLs, MIs in Vietnam to provide full service for clients.

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